09 April 2012

Beach walks and a beach hut in the Beach House in Bray

Looking out at the beach and the sea from the Beach House in Bray this evening (Patrick Comerford, 2012)

Patrick Comerford

The bank holiday weekend is coming to an end but the Easter season is not over.

It seemed like a good idea to bring the weekend to a close this evening with a walk on the beach in Bray and diner in the Beach House.

There were grey clouds and a light rain when two of us arrived in Bray, and so after barely stepping onto the beach two of us went straight into the Beach House, where we were warmly welcomed and offered our choice between a table near the window or a “Beach Hut” looking out across the restaurant to the sea, with full window views.

Despite the grey feeling outside, the views were spectacular. The setting sun was being caught in sparkling glances on a small rock outcrop in the breaking waves and a few buoys a little further out. Traces of a rainbow appeared once or twice, only to disappear again each time. As the lights receded, the refraction in the windows added a blue hue to the skies and the water.

On the beach below the Beach House in Bray this evening (Photograph: Patrick Comerford, 2012)

Later, down on the beach, the tide was going out and there was a lengthy stretch of sand below the pebbled shore, and there was a clear view of Bray Head to the south.

Easter is such an appropriate time to think of the beauty of the contrast between darkness and light as the stones toll beneath my feet.

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