19 June 2011

Summer hopes in Skerries

A busy harbour in Skerries this afternoon (Photograph: Patrick Comerford, 2011)

Patrick Comerford

It seems everyone wants it to be summer, but no-one’s wish was being fulfilled today. Despite warm temperatures, the sun never broke through the grey clouds in Skerries this afternoon. But that did not deter people from getting out and enjoying the fresh air along the beaches, at the harbour and up on Red Island.

After this morning’s Festal Eucharist for Trinity Sunday in Christ Church Cathedral, we had lunch in the crypt for the Friends of the Cathedral, and there were interesting and sometimes provocative conversations around a table for eight.

Afterwards, two of us headed north to Skerries, and parked the car on Red Island. There was a lot of activity with boating sailing around the harbour and the rocks – I wonder if this was ideal weather for sailing.

By the time we got down onto the South Strand, the tide was in far. But we walked the length of the beach before going over to The Olive on Strand Street for a coffee. After collecting the Sunday papers in Gerry’s, we had another walk around the Harbour.

The place was a-buzz, and it was good to see that people are still hoping for a warm and sunny summer.

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