23 September 2011

Cathedral visitor from Gibraltar

The current edition of the Church of Ireland Gazette [23 September 2011] publishes the following photograph and quarter-page report on page 6:

The Revd David Hoare (right) is pictured with Canon Patrick Comerford in the Chapter Room of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin.

Cathedral visitor from Gibraltar

The Revd David A. S. Hoare from Gibraltar and his Irish-born wife, Valerie, who were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, recently visited Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin.

Mr Hoare recently returned to in Gibraltar after seven years in ministry in the US.

Although retired, he serves as a support chaplain to the British forces command chaplain at the King’s Chapel in Gibraltar.

He is also an assistant priest in the Parish of St Barnabas, Torre del Mar, Malaga, in the Spanish Episcopal Reformed Church, and is the Episcopal Legate of Bishop Carlos Lopez Lozano to Gibraltar.

A former television and radio broadcaster, Mr Hoare has served in Lisbon, Gibraltar, Virginia, Washington State and Washington DC.

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Anonymous said...

It was wonderful to read all about your good works David. I would not have recognised you. I used to teach at St Martins Gibraltar. Do you have a photo of yourself and Valerie. Where are you living now.Sincerely A.Morris