14 September 2016

Fading summer sunshine and fading
sunflowers in a regency garden

Afternoon sunshine in the Regency Gardens in Marlay Park, Rathfarnham, this afternoon (Photograph: Patrick Comerford, 2016)

Patrick Comerford

It was such a beautiful, sunny afternoon, that it felt like summer was making a brave effort to return despite the autumn winds and rains that have been blowing through every other day in the past week.

It was an opportunity not to be missed.

After a busy working day, two of us decided to leave work a little early, and after mid-afternoon double espressos in the Wicklow Way Café we went for long walks in the afternoon sunshine in Marlay Park.

In the Regency Gardens in Marlay Park this afternoon (Photograph: Patrick Comerford, 2016)

We walked through wooded glades, past ‘Goldilocks Cottage,’ across the open parkland, and by the old La Touche family house, before ending up eventually in the Regency Gardens.

In the walled courtyard behind the café there, a collection of white and multi-coloured peahens and peacocks were playfully distracting and entertaining the coffee-drinkers.

Peacocks providing afternoon distraction in the Regency Gardens in Marlay Park (Photograph: Patrick Comerford, 2016)

In the walled Regency Gardens, the sunflowers were at varying stages: in full bloom, beginning to fed, and turning to seed. The bees were enjoying them, and thought you might like these photographs of them too.

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