22 August 2020

A tribute to Edward Buckingham
in the ‘Limerick Leader’ last week

Colonel Edward Buckingham on his last Sunday in Saint Brendan’s Church, Tarbert

Patrick Comerford

I was referring on Thursday to Tom Aherne’s feature in this week’s Limerick Leader [22 August 2020] on the Tarbert drowning tragedy, which is illustrated with one of my photographs.

However, I missed reporting last week on Tom Aherne’s tribute to Edward Buckingham in the Limerick Leader the previous week [15 August 2020] as part of the ‘Ardagh-Carrigkerry Notes.’

He wrote:

Edward Buckingham

The departure of Edward Buckingham from Glenastar Lodge brings an end to the family involvement there since the mid-1970s. He is returning to his native England following a very successful career that covered several professions in many parts of the world. His background was in the military, and he was an engineer who made his own model engines.

Edward will be remembered for many things over his long lifetime, including his time in the British Army, serving overseas where he met his wife Kate Lee, a nurse in a hospital in Germany.

He generated his own electricity from Yielding’s Waterfall during his early years in Glenastar Lodge. He was a past administrator of the Rathfredagh Cheshire Home for ten years, and often pushed a wheelchair during the annual walk. He was a very fast walker, no doubt due to his army training.

He was a committee member of the Carrigkerry/Old Mill Community Employment Scheme.

Edward made national news in 1995 when he sailed solo around Ireland. It took him 26 days to cover the 917 nautical miles and he pulled into 27 different points along the way.

A presentation was made to Edward at St Brendan’s Church of Ireland, Tarbert, on Sunday August 2. The Rev Patrick Comerford, Rathkeale, made the presentation and warm wishes were extended to Edward for the next chapter of his life.

Best wishes and good health to Edward in the future, and may the wind be always at his back.


George Buckingham said...

Edward sends his best regards to all his friends. He is enjoying a restful time in sunny Luxembourg but hopes to be finally settled in England by November.

George Buckingham said...

Many thanks Patrick. Dad is enjoying some sunny days in Luxembourg but hopes to be settled in England by November. He sends all the best wishes to his friends and you both, George