07 May 2011

Thank you Skerries

The latest edition of Skerries News [May 2011, Vol 24, No 4] carries the following Editorial comment:

Thank you Skerries

Skerries News would like to thank everyone who sent letters, emails and Facebook compliments about our special mid-month ‘8 Days’ edition of Skerries News.

We have never had such a flood of responses to any edition and it was heart-warming to get so much feedback.

We will not reprint any of these letters here as we feel they were not meant for publication but we have kept every one of them and we feel very proud and honoured to have received them.

We would also like to thank everyone who contributed to the edition – Patrick Comerford, Mary Courtney, Theo Dorgan, Jonathan Grimes, Ciara Hanratty, Charlie Heasman, Niamh Hopkins, Tina Lannon, Maxi McCarthy, Padraig O’Morain and Megan Wynne.

A very special thanks goes to Ronan’s father, Richard Browne, for taking the time to read and edit the edition before it went to print. A contribution from this special edition will go to the RNLI.

It was a very difficult edition to put together and the events of the first eight days of April 2011 will remain with us forever.

Our heartfelt sympathies go out to both the Browne and Gilsenan families. We feel very proud to call Skerries our home.

– David and Emily Diebold, Editors Skerries News

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