09 February 2014

Sparkling waters in the sunshine,
a night sky filled with stars

The waters of the River Dodder were sparking in the afternoon sunshine beneath the bridge at Orwell Road (Photograph: Patrick Comerford, 2014)

Patrick Comerford

Despite the storms, high waves and floodings that have shattered communities across these islands, it was a bright sunny day in south Dublin today, with blue skies and bright sunshine.

After a long working weekend that followed a long working week, I welcomed the opportunity to talk a long walk after lunch today, when the working weekend had come to a close.

The Mount Carmel Hospital site looks eerily empty and still. But in the valley below the hill, with the hospital and CITI on one side and the High School on the other, the waters of the River Dodder were sparking in the afternoon sunshine.

Walking through Rathgar and Terenure villages, I bumped into family members and old friends unexpectedly, sitting in coffee shops or crossing the street. It is wonderful how the bright sunshine brings people out into the fresh air.

Tonight, there is a clear bright sky, with a half moon and bright stars.

Another full working week lies ahead.

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