12 February 2021

Visiting churches and
places of worship in
Lichfield and Staffordshire

Lichfield Cathedral … I have been visiting the cathedral since my teenage years (Photograph: Patrick Comerford)

Patrick Comerford

I have been visiting churches in Lichfield and throughout Staffordshire since my teenage years. But when I began this blog over 13 years ago (10 November 2007), my blog postings were without order and organisation, and so my blog postings on these churches have appeared randomly over the years.

My first blog postings on these churches were about Pugin churches or repostings of magazine features. But, before this blog began, I had written extensively about Lichfield Cathedral, the chapel in Saint John’s Hospital, and the church in Comberford village, among other churches. In time, they multiplied, although occasionally they were only brief reference or a photograph or two in more wide-ranging posting.

As my blog postings roll over, year after year, it becomes increasingly difficult to scroll through these posting or to find them.

Some of my recent posts on Lichfield churches have had so many ‘hits’, I thought this guide to my postings on churches and cathedrals in Lichfield and Staffordshire would be helpful.

I have similar guides to cathedrals and churches in Limerick, cathedral, churches and chapels in Wexford, and to synagogues I have visited around the world.

Each church name has a built-in hyperlink that enables readers to click and move to that posting.

I plan to update this guide as I visit more churches, and as I find more photographs in my files.

Saint Mary’s Church, Market Square, Lichfield (Photograph: Patrick Comerford)

1, Lichfield Cathedral (a feature in the Church Review not yet available on this blog

2, Saint Chad’s Church, Saint Chad’s Road (2 March 2019)

3, Saint Michael’s Church, Greenhill (18 January 2015)

4, Saint Mary’s Church, Market Square (19 September 2019)

5, Christ Church, Leamonsley (27 June 2015)

6, The Chapel, Saint John’s Hospital (27 November 2018)

7, The Chapel, Dr Milley’s Hospital, Beacon Street (31 May 2015)

8, Holy Cross Church, Upper Saint John Street (13 August 2011)

9, Former Roman Catholic chapel, corner of Bore Street and Breadmarket Street (17 February 2018)

10, The former Franciscan Friary, Lichfield (2 April 2017)

11, The former Augustinian Friary (2 April 2017)

12, United Reformed Church, Wade Street (18 September 2019)

13, The Methodist Church, Tamworth Street (26 March 2020)

14, The former Quaker Meeting House, Cruck House, Stowe Lane (1 June 2015)

15, Christadelphian Hall, Station Road (6 June 2016)

The Church of Saint Mary and Saint George, Comberford … closed in recent years (Photograph: Patrick Comerford)

Churches within the Lichfield District Council area:

16, Saint John’s Church, Wall (21 April 2017)

17, Saint Bartholomew’s Church, Farewell (7 June 2016)

18, Saint Mary’s Church, Weeford (24 April 2018)

19, Saint Mary and Saint George, Comberford (5 June 2013)

20, The private chapel at Haselour Hall (27 January 2021)

21, The Church of Saint Michael and Saint James, Haunton (28 January 2021)

Houses in the Cathedral Close and Vicars’ Close, Lichfield (Photograph: Patrick Comerford)

Ecclesiastical Buildings in Lichfield:

22-32, The Cathedral Close, Lichfield (12 May 2014):

The buildings discussed in my walking tour of the Cathedral Close in 2014 include:

22, the former Bishop’s Palace (now Lichfield Cathedral School and Chapel)

23, the Bishop’s House (No 22)

24, The Deanery

25, The Precentor’s House (No 23)

26, The Chancellor’s House (No 13)

27, Selwyn House or ‘Spite House’ (also 7 October 2014)

28, Saint Mary’s House

29, The Visitors’ Centre

30, The former Lichfield Theological College

31, Vicars’ Close (Flats) and Vicars’ Hall

Other church buildings in Lichfield:

32, The Library

33, Former Bishop’s Lodgings, The Friary (25 June 2015)

Saint Editha’s Church, Tamworth (Photograph: Patrick Comerford)

Other churches in Staffordshire and the Diocese of Lichfield:

34, Saint Editha’s Church, Tamworth (7 July 2019)

35, The former Wesleyan Temple, later Victoria Street Methodist Church, Tamworth (12 June 2016)

36, Central Methodist Church, Aldergate, Tamworth (12 June 2016)

37, The former Congregationalist Church, Aldergate, Tamworth (12 June 2016)

38, The Unitarian Chapel, Colehill, now Victoria Road, Tamworth (12 June 2016)

39, The former Baptist Church, Church Street, Tamworth (12 June 2016)

40, The former Dominican Hawksyard Priory, Spode Hall, near Rugeley (2 October 2019)

41, Saint Michael’s and All Angels, Penkridge (4 December 2016)

42, Saint Mary’s Collegiate Church, Stafford (3 August 2014)

43, Saint Chad’s Church, Stafford (3 August 2014)

44, Saint Mary’s Church, Uttoxeter (12 June 2010)

45, Saint Giles’ Church, Cheadle (12 June 2010)

Last Updated: 12 February 2021

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