12 August 2012

A lot to celebrate in Portrane tonight

The lights along the coast from the Burrow in Portrane as far as Rush joined in our rejoicing tonight (Photograph: Patrick Comerford, 2012)

Patrick Comerford

The big red-and-white marquee at The Quay in Portrane that served to shelter the bookstall for three days last weekend became the venue for our celebrations tonight (Saturday 11 August 2012).

The candles were lit, the tables were decorated, and the chairs were out, and we dined together as the volunteers celebrated raising almost €25,000 in aid of Heart-to-Hand and the projects it supports in Albania and Romania.

Within the next month or two, 40 volunteers are going to go from Ireland to work in Albania, four or five truckloads of supplies are going out, and local businesses in Albania are getting a boost as money raised raised here helps work in schools and soup kitchens there.

Volunteers were thanked, friendships were consolidated, there was particular praise for Mary Lynders and her daughters.

As we left Portrane tonight, the lights along the coast from the Burrow out along as far as Rush seemed to be joining in our rejoicing.

Celebrating with Mary Lynders and her family in the big marquee in Portrane tonight (Photograph: Patrick Comerford, 2012)

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