22 June 2022

‘A Prayer for Those in Need’ in
Saint John’s Hospital, Lichfield

Light streaming in through the windows on the south side of the Chapel of Saint John’s Hospital, Lichfield (Photograph: Patrick Comerford, 2022)

Patrick Comerford

Two us were in Lichfield and Tamworth for a few days last week, visiting a number of places that have played important roles in the development of my personal spiritual and prayer life, and that have had interesting places in the story of the Comberford family.

In Lichfield, we visited Lichfield Cathedral, sitting in the chapter stalls for Choral Eucharist on the Feast of Corpus Christi, and spent time in prayer and reflection in the Chapel of Saint John’s Hospital – both have shaped and influenced my prayer life and spiritual life, I have seen both as my ‘spiritual home’ since my late teens, and my experiences there eventually led to my ordination as deacon in 2000 and priest in 2001.

In Tamworth, we spent an afternoon in the Moat House, the Elizabethan-era town house of the Comberford family on Lichfield Street, and later visited the Comberford Chapel with its family monuments in Saint Editha’s Church, Tamworth.

This time of prayer, pilgrimage and reflection came just a week before the anniversaries later this week of my ordination as deacon (25 June 2000) and priest (24 June 2001).

As I was preparing for time in prayer in the Chapel of Saint John’s Hospital, I came across this ‘Prayer for Those in Need’ on a prayer card near the chapel door:

A Prayer for Those in Need

God, whose mercy and compassion never fail,
look kindly upon the suffering of all people:
the needs of the homeless;
the anxieties of prisoners;
the pains of the sick and the injured;
the sorrows of the bereaved;
the helplessness of the weak.
Comfort them and strengthen them for the sake of
your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ.Amen

The open door leading into the chapel the Saint John’s Hospital in Lichfield (Photograph: Patrick Comerford, 2022)

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