14 March 2014

IOCS conference in Cambridge looks at ‘Horizons
and Limitations of Russian Religious Philosophy’

Patrick Comerford

The Institute of Orthodox Christian Studies in Cambridge gas announced preliminary details of this year’s annual conference, which takes place from 8-10 September 2014, in Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge.

The conference will address the topic: “Logos – Cosmos – Eros: Horizons and Limitations of Russian Religious Philosophy.”

The aim of the conference is twofold:

1, First, it discusses and evaluates the reception of Byzantine theology and philosophy by Russian religious thinkers in the 19th and 20th century.

2, Second, the conference will examine the relevance of Russian religious philosophy to the contemporary world. The conference will explore how far these vast but largely untapped intellectual resources can help us construct a genuinely Christian vision of God, of the world and of the self in the 21st century.

The speakers include:

● Metropolitan Kallistos Ware
● Dr Clemena Antonova (Institute for Human Sciences, Vienna)
● Dr Ruth Coates (University of Bristol)
● Dr Brandon Gallaher (University of Oxford)
● Revd Prof Nikolaos Loudovikos (University Ecclesiastical Academy of Thessaloniki)
● Revd Prof Andrew Louth (University of Durham)
● Prof Artur Mrówczynski-Van Allen (Institute of Philosophy Edith Stein, ICSCO, Theological Institute Lumen Gentum, Granada)
● Dr Christoph Schneider (IOCS)
● Dr Natalia Vaganova (Saint Tikhon’s Orthodox University, Moscow)
● Prof Evert van der Zweerde (Radboud University Nijmegen)

The programme includes an optional day-trip to the Patriarchal Stavropegic Monaster of Saint in Tolleshunt Knights, Essex.

Further details of the conference are available here.

Flowers in Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, during last year’s summer school (Photograph: Patrick Comerford, 2013)

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