07 May 2016

Wistfully wondering where this
promised heatwave has gone

By the boating lake at Farmleigh in the Phoenix Park this afternoon (Photograph: Patrick Comerford, 2016)

Patrick Comerford

After the recent flare-up on my lungs that almost meant losing my voice two weeks ago, I am now coming down with a heavy head cold.

This damp, foggy weather is not helping my lungs and seems to be aggravating the symptoms of my sarcoidosis. But after this morning’s early morning 5 km walk in Marlay Park, I was still determined to get out for another walk late this afternoon.

Two of us went for a walk around the boating lake at Farmleigh House in the Phoenix Park, and went for late afternoon double espressos in the Boathouse Café, before taking another stroll around the lake.

Walking around the boating lake in Farmleigh (Photograph: Patrick Comerford, 2016)

This poor, unseasonable weather means few people were sitting out on the decking at the Boathouse Café, with just two or three small children being encouraged by their parents to feed the ducks and the moorhens.

I am now feeding myself with plenty of Vitamin C with large quaffs of honey and lemon, wistfully wondering when the promised heatwave is going to arrive.

Temperatures across England today were much higher, with figures in the high teens and low 20s from Lichfield to Cambridge to London.

But I must not complain. It was a beautiful afternoon in Farmleigh. And while I may have sarcoidosis, sarcoidosis does not have me.

The Boathouse Café by the boating lake in Farmleigh (Photograph: Patrick Comerford, 2016)

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