26 May 2012

A weekend of celebrations in Comberford

Patrick Comerford

The jubilee celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's coronation seems to be dominating every aspect of life in England at the moment. I am not a royalist, but it looks as though many a good street party has been planned. The streets of Lichfield are decorated with flags and red-white-and-blue buntings and banners, and even the undertakers in Bird Street, has a lively and cheerful looking shopfront.

A cake in the shape of Buckingham Palace in the window of Sugar Surgeons in Beacon Street (Photograph: Patrick Comerford, 2012)

This looks like a planned celebration of English identity and a cheerful and confident expression of what it is to be English. This celebration will be strengthened here with the arrival of the Olympic Torch in Lichfield and Tamworth.

Hopefully, none of this is going to be hijacked either by the BNP and the far-right assert a nasty form of racist nationalism, or by Irish Republican extremists who think this is the opportunity to challenge the link between the British monarchy and British identity.

Preparing for a party ... a shop front in Dam Street, Lichfield (Photograph: Patrick Comerford, 2012)

Sixty years of village life provide the theme for a Jubilee event in Comberford this weekend. Comberford is within the Lichfield District, half-way between Lichfield and Tamworth, but while I am in Lichfield this weekend, I am unlikely to get to Comberford today or tomorrow.

For the next two days, they are holding a series of events in Comberford over these two days as they party away and celebrate the jubilee.

From 10 am this morning [Saturday, 26 May 2012] until 4pm this afternoon, there is a display of pictures from the past inside Saint Mary’s and Saint George’s Church, Comberford. I am told that in addition there is a tombola and a raffle, and that admission is free.

The celebrations continue tomorrow [Sunday, 27 May] between 3pm and 4.30pm, followed by a celebratory service in Saint Mary’s and Saint George’s Church at 6 pm.

A booklet, costing £3.50 is on sale too.

For more information, please contact: Janet Smith on 01827 708135.


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