08 February 2021

Visiting churches, cathedrals
and chapels in Co Wexford

Saint Iberius Church on North Main Street in the heart of Wexford (Photograph: Patrick Comerford)

Patrick Comerford

I have been visiting churches in Wexford town and throughout Co Wexford all my life. But when I began this blog over 13 years ago (10 November 2007), my blog postings were without order and organisation, and so my blog postings on Wexford churches have appeared randomly over the years.

My first blog posting on a Wexford church was a reposting of a magazine feature on Saint Edan’s Cathedral, Wexford, in December 2009. In time, they multiplied as I went on a number of ‘road trips’ researching Pugin’s churches in Ireland, particularly in Co Wexford.

But as blog postings roll over, year after year, it becomes increasingly difficult to roll over these posts and to find them.

Some of my recent posts on Wexford churches have had so many ‘hits’, I thought this guide to my postings on churches and cathedrals in Wexford would be helpful.

I have similar guides to cathedrals and churches in Limerick, and to synagogues I have visited around the world.

This guide includes links to the two cathedrals, to a number of churches I have visited in recent years (though not all of them), some private, family-owned chapels, even the one and only synagogue in Co Wexford.

Each church name has a built-in hyperlink that enables readers to click and move to that posting.

I plan to update this guide as I visit more churches, and as I find more photographs in my files.

An additional feature of this guide is the way Pugin churches are marked with a capital P in bold typeface.

Saint Aidan’s Cathedral, Enniscorthy, Pugin’s ‘Irish Gem’ overlooking the River Slaney in Co Wexford (Photograph: Patrick Comerford)


1, Saint Edan’s Cathedral, Ferns (Church of Ireland) (15 December 2009)

2, Saint Aidan’s Cathedral, Enniscorthy (Roman Catholic) P (24 January 2016)

Mediaeval, pre-Reformation churches:

3, Selskar Abbey, Wexford (24 October 2020)

4, Saint John’s Church, Lower John Street, Wexford (19 January 2019)

5, Saint Patrick’s Church, Saint Patrick’s Square, Wexford (4 February 2021)

6, Tintern Abbey (8 March 2011)

7, Hook Church or Saint Dubhán’s Church, Churchtown (30 March 2019)

8, Saint Mary’s Church, Mary’s Lane, Wexford (27 February 2022)

Church of Ireland:

9, Saint Iberius Church, North Main Street, Wexford (19 January 2019)

10, Saint Mogue’s Church, Fethard-on-Sea (8 March 2011)

11, Saint Anne’s Church, Killanne (26 November 2015)

12, Saint Munna’s Church, Taghmon (24 November 2015)

13, Saint Mary’s Church, Bunclody (22 November 2015)

14, Saint Catherine’s Church, South Street, New Ross, now known as Trinity Chambers (25 March 2019)

15, Christ Church, Gorey (1 March 2022)

Roman Catholic:

16, The Pugin Chapel, Saint Peter’s College, Wexford P (11 September 2010)

17, The Church of the Assumption, Bride Street, Wexford (4 October 2014) and the O’Keefe window (3 February 2021)

18, The Franciscan Friary Church, School Street, Wexford (1 November 2016)

19, Church of Saint Mary and Saint Michael, New Ross (19 March 2019)

20, Saint Michael’s Church, New Ross, now Saint Michael’s Theatre (20 March 2019)

21, Saint Michael’s Church, Gorey P (11 September 2010)

22, The Church of the Assumption, Bree P (23 October 2010)

23, Saint Alphonsus’s Church, Barntown P (23 October 2010)

24, Saint Mary’s Church, Tagoat P (23 October 2010)

25, Saint James’s Church, Ramsgrange P (5 March 2011)

26, All Saints’ Church, Templetown (27 March 2019)

27, The Church of the Annunciation, Clonard, Wexford (28 February 2022)

28, The Church of Our Lady Star of the Sea, Riverchapel, Courtown, Co Wexford (8 March 2022)

Family chapels:

29, The Cliffe Chapel, Bellvue P (6 March 2011)

30, The Power Chapel, Edermine P (6 March 2011)


31, Methodist Church, Marsh Lane, New Ross, now a scout hall (25 March 2019)

32, The Methodist Church, Rowe Street, Wexford (9 February 2021).


33, The Presbyterian Church, Anne Street, Wexford (17 February 2014)

Society of Friends (Quakers):

34, Former Friends’ Meeting House, High Street, Wexford (5 February 2021)

Other religious traditions:

35, Beth El synagogue, Rainsford Lodge, Bunclody (8 September 2020)

Inside Bride Street Church … one of the Twin Churches in Wexford designed by Richard Pierce and an architectural gem influenced by Pugin’s Gothic Revival style (Photograph: Patrick Comerford)

Last updated: 8 February 2021; 9 February 2021; 9 March 2022

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