14 October 2023

Yes you can … you can help
MK Food Bank break a record

Patrick Comerford

MK Food Bank is organising ‘MK CAN’ - a major initiative involving the whole of Milton Keynes in an effort to smash the current world record for the longest line of cans of food.

Businesses, community groups, schools, churches and parish councils are involved in reaching an ambitious target of 132,000 cans, that’s 10 km long.

The line will wind its way round Campbell Park Milton Keynes on Monday (16 October 2023), starting at the World Food Day Pillar at the iconic MK Rose. This will provide over half of the canned food the Food Bank need for an entire year.

The public celebration is from 12:30 to 3:30 pm, with the public invited to ‘walk the line’ with limited edition goody bags, with live music at the main stage, roving performers and food and drinks.

How can you get involved?

Wolverton Benefice is getting involved in joint effort by Saint George’s Church, Wolverton, and Holy Trinity Church, Old Wolverton.

I brought along cans to Holy Trinity Church last week as a contribution from Charlotte and me to this record-breaking effort. There is still time to support this effort and to get involved.

You can help by:

1, Collecting and donating cans of food for a section of ‘the line’;

2, Volunteering to help or volunteer at a section of ‘the line’ on Monday.

MK Food Bank has supported the local community with emergency food parcels since 2004. Last year, the effects of Covid and the subsequent cost of living crisis led to increased demand for food support.

In 2022, they gave out 26,000 food parcels and equivalents – 40% more than in 2021 and nearly double what was given out in the whole of 2019.

It is estimated that MK Food Bank has supported around 1 in 30 households in Milton Keynes over the last 18 months. This represents one child in every class, at least one household in every street and possibly at least one in most workplaces.

Every week about 50 people are contacting MK Food Bank for the very first time … people who have never had to ask for help before.

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