11 October 2022

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The Irish Times: Staff journalist, 1974-2002; Foreign Desk Editor, 1994-2002; continuing to contribute as occasional feature writer and leader writer.

The Wexford People: Staff journalist, 1972-1974; Contributor to Wexford People, Enniscorthy Guardian, Gorey Guardian, New Ross Standard, Wicklow People, Ireland’s Own. Latest contributions, 2022 (news and features).

Lichfield Mercury: freelance journalist, 1970-1973.

Rugeley Mercury: freelance journalist, 1970-1973.

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Features in:

Athens News; CityLife Lichfield; Church of Ireland Gazette, features and editorial writer; Church Review (Dublin and Glendalough), monthly feature; Church Times; Diocesan Magazine (Cashel, Ferns and Ossory), monthly feature; EnetEnglish, an online news service from Eleftherotypia; Horse and Hound; Ireland’s Own; Lichfield Gazette; Newslink (Limerick and Killaloe); MultiKulti.gr; Neos Kosmos (Real Corfu.

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