28 September 2015

An interview with ‘Soul Waves Radio’
about ‘Understanding Islam’

Understanding Islam … my photograph on the ‘Soul Waves Radio’ website

Patrick Comerford

Soul Waves Radio supplies over 30 local and community radio stations throughout Ireland with news, reaction stories and features. Each week, three interviews, edited and ready for transmission, are broadcast and posted to their website, reaching an estimated audience of 300,000.

The topics are of a religious and social nature and can fit into a number of categories: Church Year, Calendar Year, Faith/Spirituality, Current Topics, Social Issues, Third World Issues, Human Interest Stories.

In the latest set of interviews, Miriam Gormally talks to me on the topic of “Understanding Islam.”

She interviewed me in my office late last week, and the Soul Waves Radio website says today [28 September 2015]:

“The Islamic religion has come under increasing scrutiny as the rise of the extremist group Isis are causing more and more people to flee Syria and come to Europe. Canon Patrick Comerford is a lecturer in Anglicanism, Liturgy and Church History in The Church of Ireland Theological Institute.

“His research interests include Christian–Muslim relations, and has published, Reflections of the Bible in the Quran: a comparison of Scriptural Traditions in Christianity and Islam.

“Here he talks with Miriam Gormally about the rise of ISIS and some of the confusion and misunderstandings that have arisen about Islam as a result. Miriam began by asking him if there is great distrust towards Islam than there has been in the past.”
The interview was originally posted on 24 September 2015, in three cateogories: Immigrants, Islam, Media.

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