14 November 2017

A charming antique shop
in the heart of old Limerick

John Gunning’s Castle Antiques … part of the charm of King’s Island (Photograph: Patrick Comerford, 2017)

Patrick Comerford

Adare in Co Limerick is well-known for its antique shops, which add to its attractions for visiting tourists. But one of the charms of Limerick City, as you might expect in an old city, is the large number of antique shops there too.

Limerick’s antique shops are scattered through Nicholas Street, Ellen Street, Saint John’s Square, Upper William Street, Roche’s Street, Mallow Street, Henry Street, and other parts of the city centre.

Perhaps one of the most charming antique shops in Limerick, from a photographic point of view, must be Castle Antiques at 2 Castle Street.

Located in the heart of Limerick over 40 years, this shop is just as charming outside, with its decoration, windows and old notices, as it is inside.

John Gunning’s Castle Antiques has been in business for decades in this shop on King’s Island. The shop holds many fascinating treasures from the past and with a wide range of antiques, and John Gunning runs his business with a very clear understanding that means ‘strictly no reproductions.’

Castle Antiques stands opposite King John’s Castle, beside the Victorian folly known as the Toll House and Thomond Bridge, both designed by the pair of architect brothers, James and George Paine, and close to the banks of the River Shannon.

This long-established and charming ‘olde-worlde’ shop has survived almost unchanged while the city around it has grown and been transformed.

The shopfront at John Gunning’s Castle Antiques, facing King John’s Castle (Photograph: Patrick Comerford, 2017)

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Anonymous said...

A very charming man is John Gunning who is a native of Scariff in Co Clare.

He is a brother of Colm Gunning who lives near Moynoe Graveyard in Scariff