08 November 2008

Historical Society Meeting

Sir Richard Church, the Cork-born commander-in-chief of the Greek army during the Greek War of Independence, is buried in the First Cemetery in Athens (Photograph: Patrick Comerford)

The Church of Ireland notes in The Irish Times today (8 November 2008) includes the following:

The next meeting of the Church of Ireland Historical Society will be held in the Chapter Room of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, on Saturday November 15th. The programme will begin at 10.30 am with coffee and registration when there will be an opportunity for members to renew their subscriptions which are currently €50/£33. Non-members are welcome.

Dr W.J. McCormack, formerly Professor of Literary History in Goldsmiths’s College, London, and presently in charge of the Worth Library in Dr Steeven’s Hospital, Dublin, will speak in the morning on Oliver Goldsmith and some Church of Ireland clerics of his day.

He will be followed by Ann McCormack, a postgraduate student in St Hugh’s College, Oxford, who will give a research paper on the English seminary, St Aidan’s College, Birkenhead, and its Irish connections in the middle of the 19th century.

Dr Brian Gurrin from NUI Maynooth will talk about religious surveys in the 18th century, and Canon Patrick Comerford, Director of Spiritual Formation in the Church of Ireland Theological College, will speak on Irish Anglicans and the Greek War of Independence.

The Church of Ireland Historical Society exists to promote scholarly interest in the history of the church, and to facilitate publication. Queries may be addressed to the honorary secretary, the Rev Dr Adrian Empey, at 353-1-4055056 or adrianempey@gmail.com

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