28 November 2014

New branding and design launched
for Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin

Today's edition of the Church of Ireland Gazette [28 November 2014] carries the following half-page news report and photographs on p. 5:

New branding and design launched
for Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin

The new branding and design for Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin (Photo: Patrick Comerford)

By Patrick Comerford

A new ‘brand identity’ for Christ Church Cathedral, Dubln, was recently created by Designworks – a Dublin-based multi-disciplinary creative studios – and launched in the cathedral following Festal Evensong celebrating the feast of Saint Laurence O’Toole.

Speaking at the launch of the new brand, logo and design, the Dean of Christ Church, the Very Revd Dermot Dunne, said the cathedral set out on a journey early last year “to develop a plan that would provide direction for the Cathedral’s vision and mission into the future [and] central to this plan was the development of its brand and communications.”

The starting point for the new visual identity was a project to restore the capitular or chapter seal of the cathedral. The illustrator, Chris Wormell, was commissioned to recreate the seal using wood-carving methods that dated back to the 18th century, providing unparalleled craft and detail to restore the seal.

The beautifully handcrafted and restored seal, Dean Dunne said, is a key element in the new brand identity of the cathedral, “articulating the cathedral’s vision and mission that, since its foundation, has been the spiritual heart of Dublin.”

Members of the chapter, board and Friends of the Cathedral were present for the launch, which unveiled clear new designs, colour schemes and branding for cathedral service sheets, the website, printed material, presentations, events and products.

“Over the coming months and years,” explained Dean Dunne, “our vision for the cathedral will continue to come to life with a unique brand identity that celebrates our rich culture and heritage, and reveals our spiritual witness and reverence to new audiences.”

The Dean continued: “A considered and consistent approach to all our communications will be undertaken.

“As recognition of our brand and identity grows, our audiences and other stakeholders will immediately recognise us.

“This will broaden perceptions and understanding of Christ Church Cathedral and place us at Dublin’s spiritual, historic, musical and cultural heart.”

The launch of the new branding was followed by a reception in the Cathedral Crypt.

Canon Patrick Comerford is a canon of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, and Adjunct Assistant Professor in Anglicanism and Liturgy at the Church of Ireland Theological Institute.

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