29 August 2021

Sunday intercessions on
29 August 2021, Trinity XIII

‘Why do your disciples … eat with defiled hands?’ (Mark 7: 5) … preparing to eat lunch at a restaurant in Crete (Photograph: Patrick Comerford)

Let us pray:

‘You love righteousness and hate iniquity’ (Psalm 45: 7)

Heavenly Father,
we pray for the nations of the world,
and for all who live in fear and hunger for mercy, peace and justice.

A prayer for the people of Afghanistan:

For those who are fleeing: sanctuary
For those who are staying: safety
For those who fighting: peace
For those whose hearts are breaking: comfort
For those who see no future: hope.

We pray too for the people of Haiti, Greece and Turkey.
We pray for Ireland, north and south …

Lord have mercy,
Lord have mercy.

‘Listen to me, all of you, and understand’ (Mark 7: 14):

Lord Jesus Christ,
we pray for the Church,
that we may not worship in vain,
teaching human precepts as doctrines,
abandoning the commandment of God
in favour of human tradition.

We pray for our Bishop, Kenneth, as he prepares to retire,
we pray for our neighbouring churches and parishes,
and people of faith everywhere,
that we may be blessed in our variety and diversity.

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer,
we pray this week for the Province of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan,
and the Primate, Archbishop Justin Badi Arimi, Bishop Juba.

In the Church of Ireland this month,
we pray for the Diocese of Dublin and Glendalough
and Archbishop Michael Jackson.

In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer,
we pray for growth, unity, and service
in the future united dioceses of Tuam, Limerick and Killaloe.

In our community,
we pray for all who are working in the harvest and in the fields
we pray for all about to begin a new term in school, college, university …
we pray for Raylene, who has been appointed Diocesan Registrar …

We pray for our parishes and people …
and we pray for ourselves …

Christ have mercy,
Christ have mercy.

‘Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away’ (Song of Solomon 2: 13):

Holy Spirit, we pray for one another …

We pray for those we love and those who love us …
we pray for our families, friends and neighbours …
we pray for all on holidays …
and we pray for those we promised to pray for …

We pray for those who have been baptised, married and ordained this month …

We pray for families where children, partners and those who are vulnerable
suffer violence, abuse or neglect …

We pray for those who feel rejected and discouraged …
we pray for all in need and those who seek healing …

We pray for all who are sick or isolated,
at home, in hospital …

Ruby … Ann … Daphne … Sylvia … Hilary …
Ajay … Adam … Pat … Trixie … Brian …

We remember all who grieve and mourn at this time …
all who are broken-hearted,
Myles ‘Miley’ Harty, who was buried in Askeaton this week,
his fiancée and his family …

We remember Linda, whose birthday is today …

May their memories be a blessing …

Lord have mercy,
Lord have mercy.

The Anglican mission agency USPG (United Society Partners in the Gospel) in its Prayer Diary this morning, the Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity, invites us to pray:

Living God,
may we embrace new ways of
worship and praise.
Let us balance tradition and innovation,
placing you at the centre of all we do.

Merciful Father …

‘My tongue is like the pen of a ready scribe’ (Psalm 45: 1) … old letters in a collection of family papers (Photograph: Patrick Comerford)

‘There are also many other traditions that they observe, the washing of cups, pots, and bronze kettles’ (Mark 7: 4) … cups in the Avoca Café in Citywest, Dublin (Photograph: Patrick Comerford)

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