29 October 2015

Exhibition of sculptures continues
at Lichfield Cathedral until Saturday

Peter Walker’s exhibition, ‘A City as Sculpture,’ continues at Lichfield Cathedral until Saturday (Photograph: Patrick Comerford, 2015)

There are still a few days left to see the exhibition ‘A City as Sculpture,’ which continues at Lichfield Cathedral until Saturday [31 October 2015].

During my return visit to Lichfield last weekend, I was able to see this exhibition, which has been running since August.

The exhibition features eight artworks by the sculptor and artist Peter Walker on display in the Cathedral Close, and until last month [9 September] it also featured over 50 other artworks inside the cathedral.

Peter Walker is originally from Lichfield and he is the artist in residence at Lichfield Cathedral for the next five years. Several viewers have compared his work to Leonardo Da Vinci and his abstract cubist ability to that of Picasso.

He was commissioned to create a 3 meter bronze statue of Saint Chad for the Cathedral grounds, alongside a five-year residency with the Cathedral which started during the summer. ‘A City as Sculpture’ showcases a wide selection of artworks, including the statue marquette and original drawings.

The exhibits on view until the end of this week include giant abstract horse’s heads and bulls figures (Photograph: Patrick Comerford, 2015)

The exhibits still on view in the Close until the end of this week include giant abstract horse’s heads and bulls figures that adorn the outside grounds of the Cathedral.

This is the first time sculpture has been presented on this scale in this area and this particular sacred space.

Viewers have asked: What is it made of? Is it carved stone? Is it made of metal? Why are they here? How did they get here? Can we touch them? Can we photograph them?

The sculptures have raised many questions from curious viewers (Photograph: Patrick Comerford, 2015)

The Dean of Lichfield, the Very Revd Adrian Dorber, has supported Peter Walker in his understanding of the importance of creativity and has paved a way forward for the community to embrace and be included in art offers that offers to engage with the development of the City and with its people.

The exhibition is linked to the ‘Through the Artist’s Eye’ exhibition at the Emporium Gallery in Bird Street, Lichfield. The Saint Chad’s Sculpture Project is supported by Tempest Ford of Lichfield.

Looking from Lichfield Cathedral at the exhibition in the rain in the Cathedral Close last weekend (Photograph: Patrick Comerford, 2015)

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