19 June 2022

Visiting churches in
Stony Startford, Milton Keynes
and in Buckinghamshire

The Church of Saint Mary and Saint Giles, the parish church of Stony Stratford (Photograph: Patrick Comerford, 2022)

Patrick Comerford

Since moving to Stony Stratford in Milton Keynes on my retirement at the end of March, two of us have enjoyed visiting many churches and church buildings in the Milton Keynes area, and I have been writing about them and photographing them.

As the weeks move on and turn to months, the number of churches and church sites I have visited in Milton Keynes and throughout Buckinghamshire continues to grow, so it may be difficult for some to find these postings on this site.

This posting offers links to these and similar postings.

As I write about more churches and religious buildings, I intend to update this guide to my postings, indicating the date of the latest update at the end of this posting at the end of this page, and to provide a link in the toolbar in the banner at the top of the front page of this site.

The tower of the Church of Saint Mary Magdalen in Stony Stratford … originally a chapel-of-ease for the parish of Wolverton (Photograph: Patrick Comerford, 2022)

Stony Stratford:

1, Saint Mary and Saint Giles, 27 March 2022, and HERE (18 April 2022)

2, Saint Mary Magdalene (Church of England), church tower and church ruins, 11 April 2022

3, Saint Mary the Virgin (Church of England), former parish church, 28 March 2022

4, Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Ambrosios and Saint Stylianos, 10 May 2022

5, Saint Mary Magdalene (Roman Catholic), 14 April 2022

6, Stony Stratford Methodist Church, 20 April 2022

7, Stony Stratford Community Church (Baptist), 20 April 2022

8, Stony Stratford Evangelical Church (Congregationalist), 20 April 2022

9, Saint Paul’s (school chapel), 13 April 2022

10, The former rectories in Stony Stratford, 29 May 2022


10, Bradwell Abbey, 5 April 2022


11, All Saints’ Church, 16 April 2022

Downs Barn:

12, The Cross and Stable Church, 12 June 2022

Great Linford:

13, Saint Andrew’s Church, 25 May 2022

New Bradwell:

14, Saint James Church, 22 May 2022

Newport Pagnell:

15, Saint Peter and Saint Paul, 5 May 2022

16, Saint Bede’s (Roman Catholic), 30 May 2022

17, Methodist Church, 11 May 2022

18, United Reformed Church, 7 May 2022

19, Tickford Priory, 4 May 2022

20, Former Baptist churches, Newport Pagnell, 30 May 2022

Passenham (Northamptonshire):

21, Saint Guthlac’s Church, 21 April 2022


21, Saint Mary Magdalene, 26 May 2022


22, Holy Trinity Church, Old Wolverton, 19 April 2022

23, Saint George’s Church, Wolverton, 9 April 2022

The Chantry Chapel of Saint John the Baptist is the oldest surviving building in Buckingham (Photograph: Patrick Comerford, 2022)

Other parts of Buckinghamshire:

24, Saint Peter and Saint Paul Parish Church, Buckingham, 31 May 2022

25, The Chantry Chapel of Saint John the Baptist, Buckingham, 31 May 2022

26, Prebendal manors and houses, Buckingham, 8 June 2022

27, Barton’s Chantry and Hospital, Church Street, Buckingham, 9 June 2022

28, Saint Rumbold’s greave and legends, Buckingham, 6 June 2022

Other religious traditions:

29, Japanese Peace Pagoda, Willen, 24 May 2022

The Peace Pagoda on the shores of Willen Lake was built in 1980 (Photograph: Patrick Comerford, 2022)

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